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K-Cups® command 92% of the single-serve brewed beverage market. Who doesn’t know what a K-Cup® is? Now is your chance to get a piece of the success by offering teas, coffees, vitamin drinks, iced drinks, and more. Promote seasonal beverages such as pumpkin lattes for fall and iced coffees for summer. Endless possibilities.

K cup coffee vending routes for sale

Our complete package sets you up fast.

Everything is included for you. The vending routes for sale come with no maintenance K-Cup® vending machines, Keurig® commercial brewers, deluxe condiment caddies, sample inventories, and locations service. This all adds up to a completely unique coffee vending business.

K cup coffee vending

All the best brands in coffee, tea, and more.

Now you can not only offer well-known brands such as Starbucks®, Twinnings®, and Green Mountain®;  you can offer 8 or more of them at one time. A variety for everyone. The rise in the popularity of gourmet single-serve beverages makes a lucrative coffee vending business!
K cup coffee vending machines

The best of two industries combined.

MyKbrew is a coffee service that utilizes a specialized K-Cup® vending machine that works in traditional vending machine route locations like cafeterias, factories, and community centers as well as traditional coffee service locations such as office break rooms, lobbies, and car dealerships.
MyKbrew mechanics and workmanship are not only solid, but suit the needs from a small business perspective, as well as the needs of our customers.
Sue, 11 MyKbrews

Owner/ Operator, BWP, Atlanta GA.

MyKbrew is perfect for the individual or family that is looking to grow a part-time business on full-time income.
Tim, 11 Mybrews

Owner/ Operator, Central Florida

If you are considering starting your own business then look no further. Our routes are perfect for everyone. They are an especially good option for those looking to increase their income, replace their income, retirees, and stay at home moms. You have control over your hours. You decide how much time you have available for your route and choose when you are ready to expand. Passive income is always a good idea.

The key to this unique vending machine business is its simplicity. Everything needed to start is included; no maintenance machines, brewers, condiment caddies, set-up assistance, and premier high traffic locations.

This is not a franchise so no fees, royalties or ongoing fees ever. No location fees. We also include a lifetime warranty on our vending machines along with other perks to help you be successful. This is your vending machine business.

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