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Times have changed and it is the best time to have a k-cup coffee vending business. People want immediate satisfaction – they also expect to receive a high-quality product.  When it comes to coffee and tea, K-Cup single-serve brewing technology has changed the way people brew and enjoy their coffee.  Combining these two trends together shows that consumers want to be able to quickly get a cup of high-quality gourmet coffee or premium brand tea right that minute.

YOU can provide the solution for coffee and tea consumers by providing a gourmet cup of coffee or tea without needing to find a coffee shop and wait in line. They can get their personal favorite beverage anywhere from your K-cup coffee vending machine – auto shops, bank lobbies, hair salons and more…. the options are endless.

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K-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business
Kcup coffee vending

Meet the MyKbrew K-cup Coffee Vending Service

  • Compact and secure
  • Light-weight yet high quality
  • No messes
  • Vend the biggest brands in..
    • Standard Coffees
    • Flavored Coffees
    • Gourmet Coffee
    • Fine Teas
    • Herbal Teas
    • Bone Broths
    • Vitamin-infused coffees
    • and more…if it comes in a K-cup® you can vend it.


Machine Features

  1. Vends 8 different varieties, holds 104 cups
  2. Accepts coins, tokens, debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallet, and loyalty cards.
  3. High-security locks
  4. Easy to refill
  5. Compact and elegant
  6. Duplicate Keys
  7. Set to “free vend”, $1.50 in quarters, tokens, or unlimited slider prices
  8. Single and Double Stand options
Weight26 lbs
Height36 inches
Width10 inches
Depth10 inches
k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business

Card Reader

High tech vending business, vending machine business, K-cup coffee vending
  • Fast Transaction Processing
  • Fully Customizable Pricing
  • Mobile Wallet Ready
  • Remote Inventory Managment
  • Maximum Data Capture
  • Superior Data Protection
  • Comprehensive 24/7 Service & Support
  • High-speed Wireless 4G/LGE Connection
  • Valuable add-on options such as loyalty cards
  • Increase sells by as much as 30%
smart k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business
k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business

 All MyKbrew machines come with a Keurig® commercial brewer and deluxe condiment caddy.

Includes Lifetime Warranty

k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business


A K-Cup is a small cup that holds just the right amount of ingredients to brew a perfect cup of hot beverage. They come in a large variety of types, flavors, and brands. They can even be brewed over ice to create iced coffees and teas. The wide variety will keep customers coming back for their favorites. The options and brands are endless. The MyKbrew k-cup coffee vending system offers 8 varieties at a time. Surveys of customers can be conducted to allow you to provide the most desired options. K-cups make your coffee vending business easy.
k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business
k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business


No matter the location the MyKBrew Vending System fits right in. The k-cup coffee vending systems are placed in premier high-traffic locations such as waiting rooms and break rooms.Our distributors are experiencing great success at their locations and you can too. With the addition of the card slider model, the options are only limited by your imagination!

Public Places

The neat and tidy MyKBrew Vending System will clean up messy K-Cup® displays. The vending system will prevent theft and confusion. The K-Cups® will bring customers back again and again.

Places of Work

For example a busy office building, factory or warehouse where the customers are primarily the employees; business owners really benefit from the increased energy and productivity of their employees!


The quality appearance of the MyKBrew Vending System along with the K-Cups® will look impressive in lobbies such as banks and hotels. Customers will be both employees and visitors.

Waiting Rooms

MyKbrew vending systems will not only look professional in the waiting rooms of auto shops, hospitals, and agencies but will go a long way to keeping those waiting satisfied and make the time go much faster.
Just a few ideas…
MyKbrew mechanics and workmanship are not only solid, but suit the needs from a small business perspective, as well as the needs of our customers.
Sue, 11 MyKbrews

Owner/ Operator, BWP, Atlanta GA.

MyKbrew is perfect for the individual or family that is looking to grow a part-time business on full-time income.
Tim, 11 Mybrews

Owner/ Operator, Central Florida

k-cup coffee vending, coffee vending business
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*K-cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Inc. and Green Mountian