K-cup Coffee Vending Machine

Not your ordinary coffee vending machine!

K-cups®!     Smart Technology!    Simple!   Lightweight!

Not just another coffee vending machine.

K-cups®!     Smart Technology!    Simple!   Lightweight!

  1. Vends 8 different varieties
  2. Accepts coins, tokens, debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallet, and loyalty cards.
  3. High-security locks
  4. Easy to refill
  5. Compact and elegant
  6. Duplicate Keys
  7. Set to “free vend”, $1.50 in quarters, tokens, or unlimited slider prices
  8. Single and Double Stand options
Weight26 lbs
Height36 inches
Width10 inches
Depth10 inches

Card Reader

  • Fast Transaction Processing
  • Fully Customizable Pricing
  • Mobile Wallet Ready
  • Remote Inventory Managment
  • Maximum Data Capture
  • Superior Data Protection
  • Comprehensive 24/7 Service & Support
  • High-speed Wireless 4G/LGE Connection
  • Valuable add-on options such as loyalty cards
  • Increase sells by as much as 30%
MyKbrew mechanics and workmanship are not only solid, but suit the needs from a small business perspective, as well as the needs of our customers.
Sue, 11 MyKbrews

Owner/ Operator, BWP, Atlanta GA.

MyKbrew is perfect for the individual or family that is looking to grow a part-time business on full-time income.
Tim, 11 Mybrews

Owner/ Operator, Central Florida

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