5 ways to promote your coffee vending business

Nov 12, 2018 | Business

We always say that one great thing about the MyKbrew coffee vending business is that it is a “passive income generator”. However, if you do just a little advertising and self-promotion you open the possibility of generating a ton of excitement. We have seen this happen for several of our current distributors. Imagine employees hanging around the coffee machine instead of the water cooler. Or a customer rushing to try the coffee of the month. Read on for 5 inspiring ideas…

1. Customer Loyalty Program

If you are one of our distributors that owns a MyKBrew vending systems credit card model then we encourage you to take advantage of the USA Technologies More loyalty program. With this program, you can engage with your customers even MORE by offering specials. We will be posting an entire blog post on this topic in the near future. For now check out this program on the USAT website here.

2. Social Media Posts

Social Media is an easy and quick way to reach countless numbers of people per day. And the best part is you can make it as complicated or simple as you like, with things ranging from daily or weekly theme posts, customer polls, photos, and advertising. You can also take your pick from a wide variety of social media platforms, with Facebook, Twitter, and Istagram being the most popular options.

3. Survey Your Customers

This is a great idea for a wide variety of customer feedback! You can leave anonymous survey sheets near your products or post a survey on an online platform, such as Facebook. It’s useful to hear about flavors your customers want, improvements in products or service needed, or just recieve helpful compliments to encourage your efforts.

4. Create appealing signage and vending area

With so many options out there customers will often choose whatever gets their attention first. Creating brightly colored and thoughtful designs to put on flyers or posters can do just that! It’s also helpful to have your coffee and vending options displayed in an easy-to-read way. Additionally, no one wants to buy food products from a messy or dirty vending area, so make sure it’s clean and organized as much as possible.

5. Give out free samples of a new flavor

Sometimes it’s nice to try something before you buy! If you would like to offer a seasonal flavor, such as pumpkin spice coffee, or a light summer blend it can help generate interest if you offer some free samples for a temporary time period. This way customers can get excited for a new flavor, increase variety and in turn spending, and encourages conversations with other potential customers about your vending options and flavors.
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